XL Series


  • Multi-Point PCB Clamping Block
    - Special Edge Clamping Control for Board Holding - Critical Part to Obtain Best Printing Quality
    PCB Push-Down Unit
    - It Helps to Make PCB Flatness While Clamping - Critical Part to Obtain Best Printing Quality - It's Very Useful Function for Big Size PCB to Clear Warpage
    Edge Clamp by Motor
    - Controllable Clamping Distance - Minimize PCB Warpage by Controlling Clamping Distance
    Optimized Back To Back
    - Suitable Design for BTB Layout - PC Located at Front - Electrical Cabinet Located at Front
    Built in Cp, Cpk Generator
    - Process Control with Cp, Cpk - SPC Data Analysis
    Built in MES & Barcode Port
    - Generate MES Data for Production Info - Connectable 1D, 2D Scanner for MES
    Rigid Structure
    - Applied Frame Construction
    RPSS Control
    - Squeegee Pressure Real-Time Control


    Solder Dispenser
    - Controllable Solder Drop Amount - Generate MES data
    Smart Block Unit
    - Rapid Set Up Production - Full Auto Positioning against Components - Increase SB Unit following PCB Y Size
  • ITEM Model
    X5L X6L X8L
    Metal Mask Framesize 650x550mm 650x550mm 1000x1000mm
    736x736mm 736x736mm
    Print Origin Center
    PCBA Min size 50x50mm
    Max size 510x510mm 610x510mm 800x400mm
    Thickness 0.4 - 6.0mm
    Weight Max 3.0kg Max 4.0Kg Max 5.0Kg
    Conveyor Passline 920±30mm
    Stage Single Stage
    Belts Flat Belts(Anti-Static) Time Belts
    Clearance Less Than 5.0mm both side
    Components +20mm / -20mm
    Clamping Edge / Vacuum Chamber / Multi-Point Clamp / Top Clamp
    Width Adjust Motorized Width Adjustment
    Cycle Time PCB Moving 7.5 Sec 8.5 Sec 10.5 Sec
    Model Change Less Than 10 min
    Accuracy Repeatability ±15 um
    Squeegee Material Metal / Urethane(Option)
    Direction Front <-> Rear
    Interface SMEMA
    Power 1Ø 200-230(VAC), 50/60(Hz), Less Than 2.0 KVA
    Pneumatic 5-6 (bars) , 10Ø Air-hose, Max 150 l/min
    Dimension W*D*H 1428*1394*1548 1600*1530*1548 1750*1530*1548
    Weight Approx 950 Kg 1000 Kg 1100 Kg