• Center Support
    - Support PCB Warpage While Cleaning
    2 Rubber Roller
    - 2 Rubber Roller to Transfer Object on PCB - One Touch Pull Out and In
  • ITEM Model
    Convevor Pass Line 900±30mm
    Fixed rail Front / Rear
    PCB Size 50*50 ~ 250*330mm
    Flow RTL / LTR
    Speed 260mm/s(60Hz), 220mm/s(50Hz)
    Cycle Time 7.0 Sec
    Clearance Both Side Less than 5mm
    Top 30mm
    Bottom 25mm
    Control PLC / Touch Panel(5.7')
    Interface SMEMA
    Power 1Ø 200-230(VAC), 50/60(Hz), Less Than 1.0 KVA
    Pneumatic 5-6 (bars) , 10Ø Air-hose, Max 150 l/min
    Dimension W*D*H 590*1962*1375mm
    Weight Approx 180 Kg
    ITEM Model
    Powerr power 220VAC
    Size 105*170*110
    Output 2 Channel
    Electrode Type DC Type
    Air Pressure 2~8Kg/cm2
    Size 35*38mm
    Quantity 2 EA
    Cooling Material SUS Fiber & AL Frame
    Size 5(T)*40*370mm